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Joe Burdick- Bass, Vocals

Mary Cobra- Guitar (lead)

Nancy Paterra- Drums

Nick Lloyd- Drums

Leslie Paterra- Guitar

"The Buzzards always seemed like a chance not taken, like why are they so mysterious, blasting our these stone-killers on comps and putting out these top-notch (but infrequent) singles? Joe Dirty had his band The Dirtys and Luxury Rides. Buzzards Guitarist Maribel Restepo is in The Detroit Cobras. The Cobras were John Peel favorites, along with The White Stripes, so she was likely touring the world. I think some of this explains why we don’t have a proper Buzzards LP, and I hope they remedy that. Or at least knock us out some new singles!"    -Courtney DelMar 50thirdand3rd

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